Embracing the Black Dog

As I sit here in a busy café on my lunch break, I am watching the world go by. I am watching people have meetings that could change the world (and some not so much). I am reminded of just how busy life is and how far too infrequently do we take a moment to… Continue reading Embracing the Black Dog


Thank Fuck it’s 2018

Words cannot easily sum up how incredibly relieved I was when the date changed to 1st January 2018. Even though dates are merely an arbitrary indicator of time, this particular moment was rather poignant for me. 2017 was one of the worst years of my life. You can get a brief overview of a lot… Continue reading Thank Fuck it’s 2018

Me Too (Warning: contains discussions centred around rape)

Please note that the following blog post contains discussions around rape and sexual assault. The recent allegations against Harvey Weinstein of  rape and sexual assault have prompted women all over the world to start sharing their experiences of such abuse that they have had done unto themselves. I, like many other women, have been sexually… Continue reading Me Too (Warning: contains discussions centred around rape)