Coconut Lane

I am delighted to announce that I am now a brand ambassador for Coconut Lane – a classy, sassy and bit bad-assy (yes, that’s now a word…) company that is based in London.

Why have I become an ambassador?

So why on earth have I agreed to become an ambassador for this brand? Well, there are a few reasons actually:

1. Affordable and adorable products

Their website is filled to the brim with lots of cute and reasonably priced products. They sell everything from jewellery, to cushion covers, to keyrings and more.
2. They call their ambassadors Coconut Queens


3. Most importantly, they have given me a discount code for my readers

To get 20% off their lovely products, simply use the following code during payment: cocktailscats20

Please note that Coconut Lane will pay me a small commission on any products bought using my code. 

Below are the products that I have from their range (prices stated are correct at time of writing):

Sterling silver elephant earrings – £8.00

What it looks like on the website:                                              elephant1The product in real life:


What do I think of this product?

Although these earrings are a good deal smaller than I thought they’d be, I completely love them. The fact that they are small and delicate actually really suits the design.

Silver-plated turtle earrings – £8.00

What it looks like on the website:                                                  

turtleThe product in real life:


What do I think of this product?

These are actually a little bigger than I thought they’d be and could perhaps do with being little bit more delicate. I do really like the design though!

Silver-plated wishbone necklace – £8.00

What it looks like on the website:                                                

wishbone1The product in real life:


What do I think of this product?

I absolutely love it! I often find that necklaces with delicate chains don’t tend to last too long, however, the chain on this one appears to be quite strong. This necklace is clearly of good quality.

Prosecco coaster – £4.50

What it looks like on the website:                                                


The product in real life:


What do I think of this product?

The coaster is clearly of very good quality. The image on the top is really crisp and clear. The cork on the bottom is firm and sturdy. Most importantly, though, it has three of my favourite things on it: prosecco, pizza and pyjamas!

Overall verdict:

Products from Coconut Lane are of a very high standard and are absolutely worth what they are charging for them. I feel like I’ve bought some real bargains that I will be getting a lot of use out of!

What do you think of their products? Let me know what you have your eye on!

Mrs Helfy


**Disclaimer: The items featured in this post were sent to me at a reduced rate but all views are entirely my own.**

4 thoughts on “Coconut Lane

  1. Loving that coaster and the wishbone necklace. I’m gonna check out their range – I need a new necklace to replace my bridesmaid one you gave me ❤


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