Foodies Festival 2017

Food is an extremely important part of my life. No matter what time of the day it is, there is a very high possibility that I will be thinking about eating. Be it a nice home-cooked meal, or going out for dinner, or having a takeaway, I am constantly salivating about food! (And here I am wondering why I am overweight…) So, when Holly from Closing Winter (best mate and fellow blogger) asked me if I wanted to come with her to Foodies Festival 2017, I nearly bit her hand off to say yes.

What is Foodies Festival?

Foodies Festival is the biggest food festival in the UK. It started off in Edinburgh in 2006 and has since branched out to several other cities across the country – including Holly and I’s home city of Brighton & Hove. Essentially, the festival consists of lots of very high quality food vendors coming together to showcase their produce. As an attendee of the festival, you can expect to gorge yourself silly on lots of tasters from pretty much every stall, so if you intend to attend, my advice would be to come hungry!

Mrs Helfy and Closing Winter’s Day of Fun! 


[We’re VIPs, don’t you know…]

Foodies Festival had very kindly gifted Holly with some VIP tickets, so when we arrived we headed straight to the VIP area to register. After taking our names, we were given VIP wristbands, a voucher for a free glass of prosecco and a goodie bag – a most excellent and welcome start to the day’s proceedings!


[A glass of delicious rosé prosecco]


[The extremely generous goodie bag that we were given included: Finn Crisp original sourdough rye crispbreads, Lattice hand-cooked crisps, Spice Tailor chutney, Peanut Hottie, Rebel Kitchen Mylk Chocolate dairy-free drink, Get Fruity Marvellous Mango bar and a Foodies Festival programme]

As we had a wander around, we were completely overwhelmed with the sheer number of vendors in attendance – and in particular, the number of free food samples! We had everything from macarons, to cheese, to cured meats, to ludicrously spicy sauces… the list goes on! I also tried various different alcoholic drinks along the way too.


[Mmm… doughnuts]


[Hellishly hot chilli sauces]


[Macarons of all flavours and colours]


[Captain Morgan’s! Yarrr, etc]

As well as offering samples of food, the vendors also offer proper lunch dishes that you can buy. We both instantly clocked the Crispy Duck Rotisserie and simply had to have a crispy duck wrap.


[Check out the cute dog in the background – FYI, dogs on leashes are welcome at the festival]

Priced at £7, I have to admit that I do think that it was a tad overpriced for what it was. They also had duck fat chips available and I think that if the £7 had included the chips it would perhaps have been a lot more acceptable a price. The duck itself was very succulent and moist but unfortunately mine was a little cold and left a bit of a strange aftertaste in my mouth. Still, crispy duck is one of my favourite foods, so I’m pleased that I bought it.

As well as the copious amount of food that was on offer, there were also several different masterclasses that guests could attend if they wanted to hear from food and drinks experts. Additionally, there were live bands on show throughout the day.


[This chap had a tambourine and really gave it some welly!]

All in all, it was an extremely enjoyable afternoon. We ate lots of food, had a couple of drinks and listened to some great music… oh and we also spotted the world’s most famous blogger, Zoella!

Have you ever been to a food festival? What was your experience? Let me know!

Mrs Helfy


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