Gluten-Free Product Review: Mr Lee’s Noodles

As mentioned in a previous post, I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome which means that I cannot eat certain foods – one of the main ones being wheat. So, when the lovely chaps from Mr Lee’s Noodles got in contact to ask me to review their gluten-free and wheat-free noodles, I was delighted!

About Mr Lee’s Noodles

Mr Lee’s Noodles describe themselves as, “An award winning brand of 100% tasty, 0% nasty, gluten-free, gourmet noodles in a cup. We have six great cups inspired by authentic, oriental flavours, one of the lowest cup-noodles in salt, sugar, fats (saturated) and calories with absolutely no artificial additives, preservatives, colouring or MSGs”.

In summary, they basically sell a good-quality, healthy and gluten-free potted noodle dish. You can’t really ask for much more than that!

The Review

As someone who can’t normally eat potted noodles, I was very excited when my box of gluten-free noodles arrived.


The company very kindly sent me one of every flavour of the noodles that they sell.







I have to say that I am incredibly impressed by this product. The flavours are really unique and the noodles themselves are extremely pleasant. They are also really easy to make – just add boiling water and wait 3 minutes, then eat! What really makes them stand out from the crowd, however, is that the ingredients that they use are clearly of a very high quality. Unlike some of their competitors, you don’t just get the noodles and a sachet of cheap dry powder for flavouring. You actually get large chunks of proper vegetables and meat! In addition to this, the noodles are made of rice which results in a very palatable texture.


As well as being high quality and extremely tasty, they are also really low in calories (just over 200 calories per pot!). Sometimes, when you get a low-calorie dish, this is because there isn’t much to actually eat. This is not the case with Mr Lee’s Noodles. I felt myself struggling to finish the pot because there was so much in there… but naturally, I still did because it was delicious and I am extremely greedy.

Are they IBS-friendly?

Many IBS sufferers have problems with specific food that they cannot properly digest. Two of the most common problematic foods are onions and garlic – both of which I am affected by. As with most intolerances, the reaction that you get is usually dependent on how much you consume. Some people react to any remote trace of a food, so if this is you, these noodles may not be suitable as there are tiny traces of onion in some of the flavours. I personally didn’t have a reaction to anything in them but I know some people may do.

How much do they retail for?

At the time of writing, Mr Lee’s Noodles are selling a box of 6 for £17.94 on their website. Although they are a little pricier than your average potted noodle dish, it is important to keep in mind that this is very much gourmet food and therefore you should expect to pay a slightly higher premium for it.

Would I buy Mr Lee’s Noodles again?

Yes. 100% yes! This is like a revelation for me. I intend to stock up on this product as it is just so convenient to have a lunch that is tasty, easy to make and healthy!

Are you a fan of products like this? Would you consider switching from your normal go-to brand? Let me know!

Mrs Helfy


**Disclaimer: I was gifted these products by Mr Lee’s Noodles but views are entirely my own**

2 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Product Review: Mr Lee’s Noodles

    1. They are really tasty! As they are rice noodles, they have a different texture to what you might normally expect in a product like this. I am a big fan of rice noodles and would highly recommend them for a nice change! Xx


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