Cooking with Gousto

Ever since I can remember, I have always had an intense love of anything to do with food. So, when I was given the opportunity to work with cooking convenience company, Gousto, I was delighted!

What is Gousto and how does it work?

Gousto are a company whose purpose is to make the preparation part of home-cooking that little bit easier. The idea is that you go on to the Gousto website and choose a dish that you want to make from their list of 22 available options. All you have to do is choose the dish and the date that you want the food to be delivered. They will then send you everything that you need to make that meal in the exact quantities that are needed.

Essentially, what this means is that you don’t have to go around the shops hunting out every ingredient that you need and you don’t have to buy ingredients for a dish that you may never use again after you’ve made that meal. I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve bought an unusual ingredient for a dish and then it just sits in my cupboard taking up space for months on end because I haven’t found any other meal that requires it to be used again!

What did I choose?

Gousto kindly gifted me with four free dinner portions, so I chose to go for two different dishes with two portions per dish.

Chicken cacciatore with crispy potatoes


Gousto describes this dish as, “an Italian hunter’s stew’. Succulent chicken thighs are snuggled into a tomato sauce, flavoured with fresh rosemary and thyme”.

I found this dish extremely easy to make, although my main criticism would be that it actually takes a bit longer than the 35 minutes that they estimate. It took me approximately 50 minutes to make this dish. The food itself was extremely tasty and I will certainly be making it again!

For the recipe, click here.

Turkish lamb and dill-infused bulgur


Gousto describes this dish as, “not in any way stressful to cook but provides maximum flavour”.

This recipe was really easy to follow and was very enjoyable to make. When I served it up to my husband, he wolfed it down! Definitely a success in our household. Again, like the previous recipe, this took me a little longer to make than was estimated – 30 minutes instead of the estimated 20 – however my one main criticism is that the mince portion could do with being a tiny bit bigger.

For the recipe, click here.

Would I recommend Gousto?

Gousto is a really innovative idea. It certainly makes the preparation process of cooking a lot easier as you don’t have to traipse around the shops looking for all the ingredients – instead, they just get delivered straight to your door! The ingredients are clearly all of a very high quality indeed and the service is also impeccable. The company were very communicative and the food was delivered when they said it would be.

The packaging that the food comes in is great because they use a type of insulation called Woolcool that keeps your food fresh for up to 24 hours out of a fridge or freezer – so that way, you don’t have to worry about not being home in time to stop your food going off. That being said, however, my main issue with the company is the environmental impact. Each individual item of food is wrapped in plastic wrapping – something that I find a tad unnecessary.

What’s the damage?

At  the time of writing, a box of four portions of food (like I was sent above), retails at £27.49 on Gousto’s website. For this, you are sent all of the ingredients needed to make the meals plus recipe cards. I have to say that this is probably a little pricey for what it is but it is essential to keep in mind that you are paying for convenience.

Want a free Gousto box?

If you are a blogger/content creator that is interested in doing a free trial of Gousto like I did, simply fill in this form and specify that you found them through my blog. Please note that I will receive compensation from Gousto for each referral. 

Do you like the sound of Gousto? Are you in to convenient cooking and have other ways of making the cooking process more hassle-free? Let me know!

Mrs Helfy


**Disclaimer: I was gifted a food box by Gousto but all views are entirely my own.**

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