Restaurant Review: The Chilli Pickle, Brighton

If you live in or around the Brighton area, you may have heard of The Chilli Pickle (and if you haven’t, where have you been?!). It is frequently touted as being one of the best Indian restaurants in the vicinity of Brighton. As a lover of Indian cuisine, I have always wanted to go there and yet for some reason, I only visited it for the first time in June 2017… nearly ten years after they first opened!

The restaurant

When Mr Helfy and I arrived, we were greeted by a very friendly waiter who took us straight to our seats and handed us a menu. As we were choosing our food, I couldn’t help but look around at the lovely décor. The restaurant has a very modern feel to it – with colourful chairs and pretty funky stars hanging down from the ceiling. I instantly got a good vibe from the place and couldn’t wait to try their food!


The food

The menu at The Chilli Pickle is quite restricted, with not a lot to choose from. That being said, all of the dishes on there sounded so delicious that this sort of made up for the lack of choice. I’d certainly pick quality over quantity any day!

We decided to opt for the following:

Mrs Helfy – Punjabi aubergine curry

Aubergine pieces with peanut, tamarind, coconut, jaggery and sesame gravy finished with pickling spices and served with coriander rice, green chilli and mint pickle


Whenever I normally order curries, I would very rarely go for a vegetarian option, but this just sounded too tempting! When the food arrived, it did not disappoint. The curry was full to the brim with aubergine and the sauce was extremely rich and delicious. It is probably one of the nicest curries that I have had. The rice was perfectly cooked as well and had a very nice flavour.

Mr Helfy – Mutton madras

Southdown mutton shoulder pieces cooked with a roasted spice and coconut paste, finished with tamarind and served with pickled onions and Palappam pancakes


Well, what can I say… this was absolutely outstanding. The lamb was so tender that it practically melted in the mouth and the sauce was seasoned to perfection. The Palappam pancakes were a nice touch – they are sort of like a savoury pancake but slightly more dense. This was an absolutely perfect dish!

To share – green chilli cheese naan


This was probably my favourite thing that we ordered. The naan bread was so incredibly fluffy and had absolutely loads of gooey cheese on it. The chillies were woven throughout and gave off just the right amount of heat. I would absolutely order this next time we go!

The verdict

I have to say that The Chilli Pickle does not disappoint. Although it is a little on the pricey side (ranging between £13.95-£18.50 for their main dishes) and the menu is a little bit limited, it is definitely far better than your average Indian restaurant. The food is simply exquisite and the service is extremely quick – we were in and out within 40 minutes!

Have you ever been to The Chilli Pickle? Let me know!

Mrs Helfy




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