Spa Review: Cocoon – A Healing Arts Centre

About once a month, Golly Miss Holly and I plan fun days out for ourselves. In the past, we have gone on trips to the True Crime Museum in Hastings (you can read about it on Holly’s blog post), laser quest and also a spa day, which is what I am going to tell you about today.

We decided that as we are so super awesome, we deserved a nice relaxing spa day. We searched around for ages for where to go and finally decided on ‘Cocoon – A Healing Arts Centre’ because we had found their Groupon voucher for a flotation tank session followed by a deep tissue massage.

Our experience

Photo of Cocoon A Healing Arts Centre - Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom

When we arrived we were greeted by a friendly member of staff at the front desk. After presenting her with our voucher we were brought downstairs to the flotation tank area. We had our own private room with a large tank in it. The member of staff explained how the tank worked and left us to it. In the room was a shower which we were told we had to use before getting in. What I found particularly odd was that there was only one shower for two people. Additionally there was no privacy within the room so it made it difficult for my friend and I to get changed out of our clothes. It was as if it was set up for 1 person rather than 2.

When we got in the tank it was rather nice. The way I gather that it works is that it is really salty water which makes your entire body float. Perhaps a little information on that from the staff would have been interesting to know. On the side of the tank were 2 buttons – 1 to turn the lights on and off and another to turn the stars on the ceiling on and off. This was a nice touch. The tank could have done with being a little bigger as when we were floating we had to consciously make sure not to float too much as we would bump in to each other.

We were in the tank for a total of an hour which I felt was a little too unnecessarily long. After showering, up next was the massage. I was a little disappointed to find out that there was only one masseuse which meant that one person had to wait whilst the other got their 30 minute treatment done. I felt that this was a little strange seeing as it was a package for 2 people. Additionally, whilst you wait you can hear everything that is going on at the reception upstairs. I was meant to be relaxing but could hear the receptionist having a bit of a heated discussion on the phone. This was obviously not her fault as she was very professional but it did take away from the otherwise relaxing nature of the spa.

When my time came for my massage, I very much enjoyed it. The masseuse definitely knows what she is doing as I came out feeling very relaxed. One small criticism that I have for this section is that it was meant to be a deep tissue massage but she didn’t really go very deep at all – it was actually more like a Swedish massage.

Overall I really enjoyed my visit but I do think that there are a few things that they could improvements to make it a bit better.

Have you ever had a spa day? Do you have anywhere that you would recommend? Let me know!

Mrs Helfy



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