21 Restaurants I Want to Try in Brighton & Hove

Mr Helfy and I’s favourite way to pass time is going out for dinner. We go out to restaurants probably far more often than we should do! We do try to eat at different restaurants fairly frequently, but like most people, we often find ourselves repeatedly going back to our old favourites. In order to push us to try new places, I’ve written a list of 20 eateries that I want to try in my home town.

The list

1 The Salt Room (seafood)

If you live in or around the Brighton area, you will more than likely have heard of The Salt Room. Situated within the premises of the Hilton Brighton Metropole, it is in a very esteemed and accessible location. The menu looks a tad limited but the food sounds delicious. I have never heard a bad word said about this place.

2 VIP Pizza, Brighton (pizza, funnily enough!)

This tiny little pizza place can be found near the bottom of St James’s Street. It is extremely small and only has room for a handful of tables. As it is so small (and so popular), it is nearly impossible to get seated without a booking. I keep meaning to try here as everyone says it’s some of the best pizza in town.

3 Stock Burger, Brighton (what do you reckon… burgers, maybe?!)

Ever since they opened, I’ve wanted to try their food. From the outside, it looks really funky and I’m told that the food is fab. As well as great food, they also pride themselves on having a good bar. The reason that I haven’t been yet is because it is in a bit of an awkward location. It’s near the seafront in Brighton but not near any of the car parks or the bus route – so it’s a bit out of the way. That being said, it’s still within walking distance of parking/bus, so I’m sure I can convince my lazy legs to get down there!

4 Curry Leaf Café, Brighton (Indian)

Mr Helfy keeps bugging me to go to here! Apparently their food is really delicious and extremely authentic, so I guess I should give it a go at some point!

5 The Little Fish Market, Hove (seafood)

I drive past this place every day and yet have never quite gotten around to going in. It has a very good reputation for fab food and great service.

6 Carlito Burrito, Brighton (Mexican)

They describe themselves as “Brighton’s first and only Mexican-owned restaurant”, so the food is bound to be good! I am a massive lover of Mexican food and, at the moment, my absolute favourite Mexican restaurant is La Choza in the centre of Brighton. It will be difficult for La Choza to be topped, but I am more than willing to see if Carlito Burrito will live up to the challenge!

7 Burger Brothers, Brighton (I think this one is pretty self-explanatory!)

Everyone raves about this fast food takeaway burger joint. The queues are always out the door but apparently the food is worth the wait. The mouth-watering pictures on their Facebook page make me hungry just looking at them! The burgers look gourmet rather than your typical fast food burger.

8 Bincho Yakitori, Brighton (Japanese grilled skewers)

Mr Helfy and I went to Japan for our honeymoon, so anything Japanese has a big place in our hearts. Most people tend to think of sushi when they think of Japanese food, but the reality is that their cuisine is actually extremely varied. Each restaurant will usually only have one type of cuisine. For example, if you want sushi, you go to a sushi restaurant. If you want tonkatsu, you go to a tonkatsu restaurant. Bincho Yakitori specialises in grilled skewers, so you can expect to have various different tasty morsels all served on sticks. This place is always absolutely rammed, so they must be doing something right.

9 GB1, Brighton (seafood)

GB1 is the restaurant and bar that is within the grounds of the oh-so-posh Grand Hotel. I’ve only ever had cocktails in the Grand (they do the BEST Bloody Mary in the city!), so I would love to try dining there. It is meant to be a little pricey but I am sure it is worth the money.

10 64 Degrees, Brighton (small-plate dining)

64 Degrees is frequently touted as one of the best restaurants in Brighton & Hove. It is not your typical restaurant – their menu is based around the idea of ‘small-plate dining’, wherein you order a few small plates rather than one big main meal – essentially, English tapas. Their menu is ever-changing so it’s hard to know what you’ll get until closer to the time you visit, but the menus always boast some seriously tantalising dishes.

11 Burger Off, Hove (burgers!)

This place is infamous for its ‘XXX hot chilli burger’ which comes in at a whopping 7 million+ on the Scoville scale! You have to be over 18 to try it and also sign a disclaimer. I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to do this but it is tempting! Mr Helfy and I eat spicy food quite a lot (see my blog post about us foolishly eating ludicrously hot chicken wings) but this might just be one step too far… or is it?!

12 Gars, Brighton (Chinese)

Chinese food definitely isn’t near the top of my list of favourite cuisines, but recently I have been persuaded to try a few different places by Mr Helfy. We absolutely love going to Danny’s in Hove which has kind of kick-started a desire for me to try a few new Chinese places. I know quite a few people who say that I really need to get myself down to Gars in Brighton – however what has been putting me off a little is the price. It is a little on the pricey side but I’m hoping it’s worth it.

13 Dizzy Gull, Brighton Beer Dispensary, Brighton (pub food)

The chaps at Dizzy Gull kitchen have set up in the wonderful Brighton Beer Dispensary. Their menu is full of tasty delights throughout the week but they are most famous for their superb Sunday roasts. Going for a roast on a Sunday is one of my favourite things to do, so I will have to make sure I visit soon.

14 The Urchin, Hove (seafood)

I have visited heaps of great restaurants in Hove but for some reason I have still not managed to get to The Urchin. I’m told that their seafood is incredibly fresh and that they have a great selection of craft beers – what a great combo!

15 Burgers & Cocktails, Brighton (cocktails… and burgers!)

The one and only time I have visited this place was to have a quick Malibu piña colada with Mr Helfy before heading off for dinner elsewhere. The drink was absolutely delicious and the presentation of it was fabulous. This had us intrigued as to what the rest of the food and drink was like. We will definitely be back soon!


[Absolutely delicious piña colada from Burgers & Cocktails]

16 Wolfies, Hove (fish and chips)

Having been around for over 25 years, Wolfies tout themselves as serving “the best fish and chips in Brighton & Hove”. With a tagline like that, you’d be stupid not to at least give them a try!

17 Polpo, Brighton (Venetian small-plate dining)

Who doesn’t love Italian food? At Polpo there is something for pretty much everyone. Their menu consists of what I would call Venetian tapas – so you can try lots of different small bits and get a real feel for the place.

18 Brighton Burger, Brighton (it would be silly to explain this)

Situated bang in the centre of Brighton, this place is not to be missed (and yet somehow, I have!). It’s got a handful of tables outside but it’s really a takeaway place. The burgers are gourmet and have unique names – Swine & Roses, Death Melt 3000 and Titty Twister, to name a few! I really want to try here soon.

19 The Little Blue Smokehouse, Hare & Hounds, Brighton (meat… lots of meat)

Up until recently, Hare & Hounds pub used to serve delicious Mexican food from La Choza. As La Choza decided to open up a new venue, they took their food elsewhere, which left a nice space for The Little Blue Smokehouse. They were previously resident in the Seven Stars pub and had a great reputation but I never quite got around to visiting. I will certainly have to pop by now that they have moved to a new place.

20 Indian Summer, Brighton (Indian… surprise surprise!)

Everyone tells me that this is one of the best Indian restaurants in the city, so I’m not quite sure why I haven’t been here yet. Maybe I have been put off by the somewhat limited menu, but I guess if lots of people are raving about it then it must be worth a visit.

21 Creams Cafe, Brighton (ice cream)

Ever since I have discovered that ice cream no longer causes me problems with my IBS, I have become a little bit obsessed with eating it at every available opportunity. I have recently discovered Sprinkles gelaterie in Brighton and have frequented it far more than I should have! My friends tell me that Creams Cafe is the place to be and that it will beat Sprinkles, so I really must get down to try some of their ice cream and waffles.

So that’s my list! Are there any places that you’re dying to try in Brighton & Hove? Let me know!

Mrs Helfy


**Disclaimer: I was gifted the pina colada by Malibu but views are entirely my own**





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