My Favourite Brighton Restaurants

Following on from my blog post about restaurants that I have yet to try in Brighton & Hove, below is a list of my favourite eateries in the city.

The list

1 The Joker (chicken wings)

Situated in Preston Circus, The Joker is a trendy pub that has a good selection of craft beers and cocktails. The main reason to visit, however, is the chicken wings. I would have to say that they have the best chicken wings that I have ever been lucky enough to try. It is very hard to describe just how incredible their wings are. For my full review of their delicious food, see my previous blog post.

2 Franco Manca (pizza)

Franco Manca describe themselves as a “sourdough pizza business with 38 pizzeria in London and southern England”. Whilst their menu is quite limited, the pizza is absolutely top notch. The bases are extremely thin and therefore rather authentic. The toppings are delicious and extremely fresh. The portions are very generous and the service is fab!

3 Danny’s (all-you-can-eat Chinese)

What’s better than good food? All-you-can-eat good food, of course! Danny’s can be found along Portland Road in Hove (actually) and I reckon it serves the best Chinese food in the city. That being said, I’m not particularly a huge fan of Chinese food so I haven’t eaten in many Chinese restaurants. The concept of Danny’s is one that I am definitely a fan of. Essentially, you are given a menu with lots of starters and main courses on it (like any normal restaurant!) but instead of just ordering one dish, you can order as many starters and main dishes as you like for a set price. The food is of very good quality and the service is absolutely impecable. I highly recommend it.

4 Sushimania (all-you-can-eat sushi…!)

Just like Danny’s, Sushimania is also an all-you-can-eat restaurant. I have to say that my first experience at Sushimania was extremely poor. The service was diabolical – so much so that I had vowed never to go back again. That being said, it is extremely good value for money and the food is excellent, I decided to give it another go. I have to say that the service has majorly improved. Sometimes, the service is still a tad slow but nothing out of the ordinary. I absolutely love this place just because sushi is normally really pricey but here you can eat as much of it as you want for just £16.95!

5 Carlito Burrito (Mexican)

In my previous post, I mentioned that I really wanted to try Carlito Burrito, and now I have! Previous to this experience La Choza was my favourite Mexican restaurant but I now think that Carlito Burrito may have taken over. I had the most delicious chicken burrito and a very tasty coriander margarita. The burrito was almost big enough to kill a person with and the margarita was delightfully unusal.

6 The Chilli Pickle (Indian)

I recently went to The Chilli Pickle for the first time and it really did not disappoint. It instantly went on to my list of favourite restaurants as the food is just exquisite. Although it is a little pricey, I would say that it is worth the money. I would particularly recommend the vindaloo pork knuckle which they serve on a Sunday. For my full review, see my previous blog post.

7 Street Thai (pretty self-explanatory!)

Street Thai is a cheap and cheerful Thai restaurant that can be found in The Lanes in Brighton. Stereotypically, I pretty much always order Thai green curry when I go to a Thai restaurant. There are actually two reasons for this: 1. It’s my favourite curry and 2. I like to use it as the test as to whether a restaurant is decent or not. Street Thai definitely passes my TGC test – their TGC is lovely. The best thing about Street Thai is that not only is their food great, but their prices are great too – you can get two courses for a mere £10.

8 Smokeys (smokehouse)

If you are a fan of having a platter of meat big enough to feed a family of four put down in front of you, you will probably like Smokeys. This place is probably not great if you are a vegetarian! Mr Helfy and I’s go-to dish is the Smokeys Platter – a selection of pork ribs, beef brisket, pulled pork and smoked chicken thighs. This comes with a mountain of fries and absolutely shedloads of delicious coleslaw. Make sure you come here hungry because you will be leaving with a very full belly. Also, a tip: you don’t need starters, but if you do, the sharing platter is lovely – Armadillo eggs, spicy wings, jalapenos and potato bombs. Don’t be shy to ask for a doggy bag because they are more than used to doing this for people.

9 Bus Stop (Caribbean)

When Mr Helfy and I popped in to Bus Stop (located on North Road), we intially just intended to have some cocktails and then head on somewhere else for food. Whilst sipping our cocktails (which were lovely, by the way), we spotted other customers’ meals arriving and we instantly got food envy. We instantly ordered some food ourselves and did not regret it. I would recommend the jerk chicken with macaroni pie on the side – it was outstanding.

10 NuPosto (pizza)

NuPosto is definitely one of my favourite places to catch a quick bite. The pizza base really stands out from the crowd as it is not your regular bland old base. It can only be described as artisan – it is handmade, light and fluffy and melts in the mouth. My favourite is probably the four cheese – the amount of cheese on there is bordering on ridiculous. It’s so gooey and delicious.

11 Giggling Squid (Thai)

Giggling Squid have two restaurants in the city – one in Brighton and one in Hove. They have a rather good reputation locally and it is certainly for good reason. The food is of extremely good quality (I am salivating just thinking about it) and it is affordable. If you intend to try this place out, make sure to book ahead as it is always rammed.

12 The Ginger Pig (fine dining)

The Ginger Pig is part of a chain of highly-regarded pubs/restaurants that are dotted throughout the city. Alongside the Pig are The Ginger Pig (Hove), Gingerman (Norfolk Square, Brighton), The Ginger Dog (Kemptown, Brighton) and The Ginger Fox (Hassocks). The Pig and is probably my favourite of the venues – probably because it’s the one that I have visited the most and also because it’s closest to where I live and I am lazy. They serve, “traditional food sourced from Sussex’s finest suppliers” and update their menus regularly to reflect the seasons.

13 English’s (seafood)

English’s is the oldest seafood restaurant in Brighton (they have been here since 1945!) and, in my opinion, the best. Their seafood is the freshest that I have ever tasted. I would particularly recommend the lobster thermidor. One small thing to be aware of when you go there is that it is definitely on the pricey side – but then seafood is always pretty expensive anyway so that’s to be expected.

14 BrewDog (chicken wings and craft beer)

The BrewDog is part of a massive chain. They have approximately 46 pubs and 750 employees (including 1 staff dog!). Not only do they have lots of pubs, but they also brew their own craft beer. Alongside this, the Brighton branch serves incredible chicken wings. The wings are cooked to perfection and the portions are very generous. I would highly recommend stopping by here for a pint and some grub.

15 Five Guys (burgers)

The burgers at Five Guys are not to be missed. They are served to you at fast-food speed but they are absolutely not fast-food quality. They are probably the best fast-food burgers that you will eat. The inregdients are really fresh and the portions are gigantic. What’s great is that you can have as many toppings as you like for one set price, and as for the drinks, they have those machines where you can have unlimited refills of over 100 flavours.

16 Fatto a Manno (pizza)

Fatto a Manno have a two branches within the city – one in Brighton and one in Hove. The Brighton one is practically impossible to get in to because it is so small and always really popular, so when the Hove branch opened I was extremely excited. Just like NuPosto, the pizza at Fatto a Manno does not disappoint.

17 Moshimo (sushi)

If you are a fan of sushi and are also particularly concerned about animal welfare and the environment, Moshimo is the place for you. They pride themselves on sourcing only local, fresh and ethical ingredients which is incredibly important. The food is also of extremely good quality but it is a tad on the pricey side – however, if you sign up as a Moshimo member then you are entitled to 50% off food on Mondays and Tuesdays.

18 La Cave a Fromage (wine and cheese)

This is a little bit of an unusual one because it’s not actually in any way a restaurant. La Cave is actually a cheese shop! They regularly host wine and cheese nights which I have been to on a few occasions. Not only do you get to taste their exquisite cheeses, they actually talk you through each one and tell you all about the cheese you are about to devour. It’s very reasonably priced and the cheese is insanely nice.

19 JB’s Diner (American diner food)

If you are looking for a big American feast, JB’s is the place for you. They do really tasty diner food – burgers, chips, hot dogs… but most importantly, ridiculously good milkshakes. Their milkshakes are made with several scoops of ice cream and are practically bigh enough to be a meal by themselves. If you intend to visit JB’s, make sure you come hungry as the portions are mammoth.

20 The New Club (burgers)

The menu at this place is quite limited but oh my god, the burgers are incredible. They also do a really good selection of cocktails – one of which comes with actual rashers of bacon in it.

21 Sprinkles (ice cream)

As mentioned in my previous blog post, when I discovered that ice cream no longer affects my IBS, I really went to town and started having ice cream at every available opportunity. I recently discovered Sprinkles gelaterie and instantly fell in love with it. They serve the most delicious ice cream in a huge range of flavours and the portions are massive. When you order 3 scoops of ice cream, they actually give you 6!

So that’s my list!

What are your favourite restaurants in Brighton? Let me know!

Mrs Helfy



2 thoughts on “My Favourite Brighton Restaurants

  1. A fantastic selection; not sure I can agree more. I go to The Joker most Wednesdays because they do a 3 for 2 offer, and they do take-away boxes too if that’s too many for you to handle! The Ginger Pig is also amazing; had the best fish dish of my life there. Almost a shame the menu changes so much because I’d love to have it again!
    For something cheap and dirty, but the *best sort* of cheap and dirty, I’d recommend Burger Off, off Western Rd. The meat burgers aren’t anything special – but they do two types of veggie patties: a ‘protein’ patter and a more traditional, deliciously crispy-coated veggie one, and I *highly* recommend going for a double burger, and ordering one of each type. They also do a pretty fantastic chocolate and peanut butter milkshake.
    I also recommend Asahi, probably the best and best-value ‘traditional’ british-indian-style curry house. It’s no Chilli Pickle, but I recommend the ‘Sylhety Naan’ – it’s essentially a pizza! Chicken, chilli and melted cheese on a Naan base. Very tasty indeed.


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